Friday, June 5, 2015

Supplemental Lesson # 2: The Textual History of the English Bible: Discerning the State of Text Before 1611 (Wilmot, OH 5/22/15)

This lesson was taught as part of the 2015 Great Lakes Grace Bible Conference at the Amish Door Inn in Wilmot, OH hosted by Ohio Grace Ministries.  The goal of this lesson was to consider the textual state of English Bible in 1604 when the decision to translate what would become King James Bible was made at Hampton Court.  Below you will find a link to the MP3 audio (when and if a video is made available I will share that as well).  In addition, I have provided links to the Collation I produced as part of study process as well as the PDF notes and PowerPoint I used to teach the lesson.

To download the MP3 audio from this lesson click here.
For a copy of the Collation Comparing Variant Readings in the Geneva, Bishops, and King James Bible click here.
For a PDF copy of the notes click here.
To view the PowerPoint used to teach this lesson click here.


  1. it's tough to put so much into something and not get the pass. But you have the right makeup to finish the job and go get that number. I have a ton of respect for you.

    1. Hi Simran--I am having a bit of trouble following your comment here. Are you agreeing with what I taught in this lesson or taking issue with it? Please clarify.

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