Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Supplemental Lesson # 3: Bullinger, Welch, Coles, and the Acts 28:28 Dispensational Frontier (Grand Rapids, MI 7/5/15)

To download the MP3 from this lesson click here.
For a PDF copy of the notes click here. (Notes will be shared after a technical problem is resolved.)
There is no PowerPoint for this lesson.


  1. Hi Jared. Yes the notes are available at the following link.


    1. Thank you for that. I note that the link has not been updated on the referring
      Page; and that page may be found through Wikipedia if one looks up hyperdispensationalism and goes to resources. Thank you

  2. http://www.teleiosministries.com/ewbullinger.html

    Hi Bryan,
    The above page has links to SCANNED EDITIONS of the THINGS TO COME journal. Glad I did not cut my copies up for scanning. I will have to compare mine with the scans sometime.

  3. You may also find it by googling JJB Coles and then locating Pastor Bryan's pdf file from 2015 (who would have thought that word would ever be a verb?!!! Thanks so much for the lesson. Perses Rathert

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